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For the safety and enjoyment of all persons attending your event. Let EventEase supply your event wristband requirements.Our wristband supply includes all types of event wristbands including fabric festival type, vinyl, SecureBand tyvek, childrens and silicone (Rubber type) wristbands.

Wristbands Silicone. sizes= 3 quater inch

EventEase wristband products can be utilised at many different types of events including:Concerts, festivals, fairs, sports events, children’s events, conferences, fashion shows, charity fundraising, pub quizzes, night club entry, aftershow parties, VIP entry. We also supply food and beverage tabbed wristbands.And have also supplied weddings, stag and hen parties!!! The list is endless.

EventEase wristbands can be used by your security teams to identify genuine patrons. This visual check can help with any issues which may arise at venues regarding non ticket holders e.t.c.

Our wristbands can help to prevent passbacks and fraud at your event, which helps to minimise financial loss. Eventease only supply the most modern and professional of wristband products and in fact we use our own products when working on various events.

EventEase can add many types of security features to your wristbands. These include (but are not limited to)  print/UV print, one use locks and serial numbering.These additional features can help to deter opportuinists from ruining your event. And damaging your well earned reputation.

With so much at stake when organsising events in modern times. Professionally managing your event should be a top priority. Let us assist you along the way. With helpful,honest and professional advice.

Be safe-be professional. Insist on EventEase wristbands!!

If you would like a bespoke design for your wristbands,EventEase have an in house design team to assist you.

For a cost effective and secure event- talk to Eventease about our wristband supply.

  • Fabric festival type
  • Vinyl
  • SecureBand tyvek
  • Childrens and silicone ( Rubber type) wristbands.

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