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EventEase Tyvek wristbands are very economical yet tough, safe and waterproof. EventEase can customise your Tyvek wristbands with print, logos and text according to your requirements.

  • We also print and supply Tyvek wristbands as promotional tools for nightclubs and events.
  • Perfect for one day events including concerts,festivals,parties,childrens events,nightclubs,bar tabs,etc.
  • We have 14 Colours available and all our Tyvek wristbands come with serial numbering ( free of charge).
  • Minimum order is only 100  Tyvek wristbands.

EventEase supply 3 types of Tyvek wristband:

Promo grade: Suitable for promotion of nightclubs and bars, to help distinguish different groups at events, summer projects, etc. Available in 14 various colours, plain or printed (minimum order for printed stock). With a strong adhesive seal. Perfect for the smaller budget! 

Festival grade: Suitable for festivals, concerts and events where safety and fraud prevention and are a must. These wristbands have a tamperproof seal which easily tears if somebody attempts to remove the wristband.
These wristbands can be printed in various colours or sold plain. We have an express 24 hour service for printed Tyvek wristbands (black print only) for emergencies!!

Full colour Tyvek: EventEase can print full colour Tyvek wristbands for your event. Add your picture or logo in photo quality resolution on your wristbands. Choose some trendy graphics which reflect the atmosphere of your event. The photo quality printing available on our EventEase full colour Tyvek wristbands provide endless possibilities for personalising your wristbands.
WristbandsTyvek printed with Secureband tamper evident seal

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