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Putting children’s safety is top of all parents and carers lists! To help achieve this goal EventEase have developed a range of children’s wristbands with safety in mind. These include our Tyvek wristbands which are hypo allergenic, waterproof and latex free. These wristbands are economical and comfortable but tough wearing with a strong adhesive seal.

They are perfect for one day use. EventEase children’s wristbands are pre-printed with child friendly designs and have a space to insert with a pen the child’s name and a contact number. We can also print in full colour your own personal design for your children’s event, if you wish.

Minimum order for EventEase children’s wristbands is 100 wristbands (for our pre printed stock).

Or 500 wristbands if you wish to use your own child friendly design.

Our EventEase childrens wristbands are suitable for fairs, festivals, concerts, sports events, creches, christmas events, summer projects, field trips e.t.c.

We also have a full range of children’s wristbands available in our catalogue.

Child's Vinyl wristband with insert for name and number


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